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Anaerobic Training For Running

I should start by quickly defining the difference of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The typical definition is that aerobic exercise is with oxygen, and anaerobic exercise is without oxygen. This is a bit misleading and based on internal bodily functions, but that science is a bit complicated to explain in just a few hundred words.… Continue reading Anaerobic Training For Running

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Intensity Vs. Duration: Just How Much Cardio Should I Do?

First, just a few quick definitions.  Intensity is defined as how hard (based on Maximum Heart Rate, mHR) a person works during exercise. Moderate intensity is between 50-60% mHR, and high intensity is 75%+ of mHR.  Duration is defined as work done over a set amount of time or distance. A common mistake most people… Continue reading Intensity Vs. Duration: Just How Much Cardio Should I Do?