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How To Lose Weight: Food Journals

“What gets measured, gets managed.” This simple quote gets to the bottom of…well, how to get rid of your bottom. The essence of this quote is in self-monitoring, or tracking and analyzing your habits. If a goal of yours in 2016 is to lose weight, the best way to accomplish this is by keeping A… Continue reading How To Lose Weight: Food Journals

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Strength Imbalances and How to Fix Them: Unilateral Training

If you have trained long enough, at some point you have said some variation of the following statement: “why is my left arm stronger than my right arm; I am right handed?”  There is an assumption that the dominant side is the stronger side, but this is not always the case. In fact, it’s quite… Continue reading Strength Imbalances and How to Fix Them: Unilateral Training

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Illness and Exercise

***Disclaimer: If you believe that you MAY BE contagious, DO NOT go to the gym, instead exercise at home. Even with wiping all the machines, handles, etc. down, it is still possible to rapidly spread disease within the gym. Don’t be the Outbreak monkey. One incredible benefit of exercise is that it boosts the immune… Continue reading Illness and Exercise

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Setting Goals

With summer coming to a close, and kids heading back to school, it is often a time people decide to rededicate themselves to their fitness pursuits. The first step to any exercise program should be to set goals. Otherwise, how does one know if they are moving in the right direction or not? So, how… Continue reading Setting Goals

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Intensity Vs. Duration: Just How Much Cardio Should I Do?

First, just a few quick definitions.  Intensity is defined as how hard (based on Maximum Heart Rate, mHR) a person works during exercise. Moderate intensity is between 50-60% mHR, and high intensity is 75%+ of mHR.  Duration is defined as work done over a set amount of time or distance. A common mistake most people… Continue reading Intensity Vs. Duration: Just How Much Cardio Should I Do?