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Eat the Rainbow

Food, what you eat can kill you, but can’t it also heal you? Just recently a coworker had a cardiac health scare. They had extremely high blood pressure, worked in an extremely high-stress department, and ate absolute garbage. On top of that they rarely exercised. Luckily it really scared the s*@* out of them, and… Continue reading Eat the Rainbow

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Healing Minor Injuries

In sports, if a player gets “banged up”, the coach may ask that player whether they are hurt or injured. Hurt meaning they could play through the pain, and injured meaning he/she required more medical attention before returning to the game. Similarly, those of us who have exercised for months, years, decades have experienced some… Continue reading Healing Minor Injuries

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Feeling Bloated? Chronic Inflammation Could be the Problem

Chronic Inflammation A topic that has recently garnered much attention and research, and one that I am very interested about in my life, is chronic inflammation. What piqued my interest was that even though I exercise often and believe that I eat healthy, I still often felt gassy, bloated, and lethargic. I knew that there… Continue reading Feeling Bloated? Chronic Inflammation Could be the Problem