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DISC, Assessing Personalities: A Great Tool For any Health Coach/Wellness Pro

Do you ever wonder why you just click with certain people; why you just can't stand certain others? Do you work with clients, patients, students, or just want to know how to better interact with the people in your day to day life? The DISC Assessment is a great tool for not only understanding how… Continue reading DISC, Assessing Personalities: A Great Tool For any Health Coach/Wellness Pro

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The Multiplanar Training Method

The body, life, is based around movement. In prehistoric times, those that moved the best…LIVED. Today our society has gotten so used to sitting and having things come to us, not having to challenge ourselves to find food or survive for example. Hell, you don’t even need to get out of the car at the… Continue reading The Multiplanar Training Method

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Getting Unstuck

Has your life ever felt like Groundhogs Day (a great, old Bill Murray movie if you have not seen it), the same thing happening over and over, day after day? It happens to all of us, and it can creep in like a fog. When this happens life begins to feel tedious, monotonous, and one can… Continue reading Getting Unstuck