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Yard-work = Workingout ???

The change of season, from Summer to Fall, not only brings Oyster Roasts, the change of leaves, and football weather; but it also brings the promise of lots and lots of yard work. While it may be viewed as a chore, you should look at it as an opportunity to burn calories, work your body… Continue reading Yard-work = Workingout ???

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Summertime Exercise: Beat the Heat

***Immediately Stop Exercise if Feeling Faint, Weak, or Dizzy. Seek Shade, Sip Water, Place Cool, Wet Towel Behind Neck, and Rest. Frequently Check Pulse to Ensure Heart Rate is Slowing Down. If symptoms continue, seek medical attention It’s summer, and it is hot af outside! With that comes an increased risk of heat stroke, dehydration,… Continue reading Summertime Exercise: Beat the Heat