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Supplementation: What’s What?

You can't escape it. Over half of most fitness magazines are dedicated to it. Infomercials tout the benefit of this or that. Companies spend millions of dollars on marketing and studies that prove their product works better than anything else on the market. And amazingly fit body builders and fitness models are paid to claim… Continue reading Supplementation: What’s What?

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Traditonal or Progression: Which is better?

Traditionally, most people have chosen gyms as their preferred exercise environment. It was expected, it seemed, that the only way to get a good workout was to join a gym and plug away on the treadmill, elliptical, or various machines. Gyms do offer a large variety of machines and dumbbells, but most of their equipment… Continue reading Traditonal or Progression: Which is better?

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So True

Hi there! With all the different exercise and nutritional websites, books, diet fads, etc. it is hard to know what and who to believe. There is so much speculation and erroneous information out there that it is hard to know what information is right and what is rubbish. So when I find something that makes… Continue reading So True

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Reaching a Plateau. How Do I Get Past It?

It's happened to all of us, after making great strides in weight loss or muscle gain we suddenly hit a wall. What once worked to get you leaner and stronger no longer has the desired effect. Reaching the dreaded plateau. The time when doubt, and even worry starts to set in that all your exercise… Continue reading Reaching a Plateau. How Do I Get Past It?

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Anaerobic Training For Running

I should start by quickly defining the difference of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The typical definition is that aerobic exercise is with oxygen, and anaerobic exercise is without oxygen. This is a bit misleading and based on internal bodily functions, but that science is a bit complicated to explain in just a few hundred words.… Continue reading Anaerobic Training For Running

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Spot Reduction: Is it Possible?

There is a common belief that exercising a particular area of the body will cause the fat in that area to decrease. I hear it all the time from my clients, "I want to lose fat here, I want to gain muscle there, and so on". The most widely held example is doing sit-ups to… Continue reading Spot Reduction: Is it Possible?

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Intensity Vs. Duration: Just How Much Cardio Should I Do?

First, just a few quick definitions.  Intensity is defined as how hard (based on Maximum Heart Rate, mHR) a person works during exercise. Moderate intensity is between 50-60% mHR, and high intensity is 75%+ of mHR.  Duration is defined as work done over a set amount of time or distance. A common mistake most people… Continue reading Intensity Vs. Duration: Just How Much Cardio Should I Do?