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Eat the Rainbow

Food, what you eat can kill you, but can’t it also heal you? Just recently a coworker had a cardiac health scare. They had extremely high blood pressure, worked in an extremely high-stress department, and ate absolute garbage. On top of that they rarely exercised. Luckily it really scared the s*@* out of them, and they took the threat seriously. They had a stint placed, was put on blood pressure medication, and consulted with me about changing their diet.

Thankfully, this person was now receptive to all the things I had told them before, over and over; don’t eat so much fatty food (pizzas, deserts, chips, etc.), eat smaller meals and eat more frequently, and to also eat more fruits and vegetables of any and all varieties. This is referred to as “Eating the Rainbow” as one should look to incorporate a variety of colors in each meal. Why eat this way, what are the benefits (by color)?:

  • RED:
    • Reduce risk of stroke and chronic inflammation
    • Promotes heart health
    • Protects against Prostate and Breast Cancers
  • Green:
    • Improve eye health
    • Stimulate detox enzymes in the liver
    • Reduce Breast, Colon, and Bladder Cancers
  • Orange/Yellow:
    • Increase immune health via Antioxidants
    • Promote anti-inflammation
    • Eye and skin health
  • Blue/Purple:
    • Supports Immune System via Antioxidants
    • Promotes anti-inflammation in the Heart and Blood Vessels (lower BP)
    • Improves Skin Health

Beyond that, it is visually appealing to have an array of colors on the plate, and will add variety to your meals.

I realize that not everyone likes vegetables, so here are a few creative ways to increase intake:

  • Smoothies
  • Omelets
  • Add vegetables to dishes like pasta
  • Mixed vegetable tray with hummus
  • Fruit salad
  • Juicing (with pulp)

Clearly, the evidence shows, that a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables are beneficial for one’s health. While eating the wrong foods can kill you, eating the right foods can not only cure you, but prevent you from illness. I am happy to report that my coworker had the stint removed, their blood pressure is at a normal range, and they are now off the blood pressure medication. All this due to small, healthy changes in diet, and Eating The Rainbow. So make those plates pretty, people and enjoy.


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