Who Has Time to Workout? YOU DO!

As fitness professionals we hear it all the time, “I want to workout, but I don’t have time”. I’m here to tell you, that’s just baloney. Old school thinking was, go to the gym, do a set, walk around or wait until ready to do the next set, and repeat. In that mindset, a typical gym session could last anywhere from 1-2 hours or more. People have been trained to believe that they cannot get a “good” workout in in less than an hour.

Current research has proven that belief to be false. It has been shown that not only CAN you get a great workout in as little as ten minutes; you also WILL burn more calories long-term when you train in this way (up to 48hrs post workout in fact). This is called exercise efficiency. The idea behind this phenomenon is that THE HARDER/FASTER YOU WORK, then THE LESS TIME YOU HAVE TO SPEND EXERCISING. Intensity goes up, duration goes down. Training in this manner involves working out your entire body in quick circuits with little rest in between exercises. This is an example of HIGH exercise efficiency. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your desk or office to complete a circuit in this fashion. An example would be:

Set your timer for 10 minutes, and your circuit would be:

15 squats

15 dips (can be done on a desk or chair)

10 lunges (alternating legs)

10 push ups

:30 plank

20 supermans (click hyperlink for example)


Do each exercise consecutively from top to bottom (one round), and do that as many times as possible in your 10 minute time frame. For an extra challenge record the number of rounds you can complete and try to beat it each time.

So, who has time to workout? YOU DO!


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