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New Year’s Resolutions: Why Bother?!

Here we are again; another year passed, another year ahead. With the ushering in of a new year, a fresh start, it is the time many of us decide to set our goals for the year. As we all well know, most resolutions don’t last long. In fact only 20% of resolutions are kept past March, and even less, 8%, are kept the entire year. That’s a 92% FAILURE RATE!!!! With New Year’s Resolutions being such an absolute failure, why even bother? No, really, screw ‘em. We will explore options other than the “traditional resolution”, but first some reasons why resolutions fail.

Why do they fail:

  1. TOO DAUNTING or STRESSFUL: To think about maintaining the same behavior for an entire year can be overwhelming. May question, “why am I even doing this?” and can talk oneself out of the original goal.
  2. CONFUSE “SLIPPING UP” WITH FAILING, and quit the resolution all together: The path to a goal will be like the stock market; it may go up and down, but as long as the long-term trend is up, that is all that matters.
  3. RESOLUTION IS NOT SPECIFIC. Without specifying what the goal is, how can one map out, and take the steps to, maintaining the resolution.

Other options:

  1. SET MONTHLY GOALS. Specific goals; from exercising 2 x week to only spending 30:00/day on social media.
  3. TRY ONE NEW THING EACH MONTH. Anything, from Yoga to Karate to Book Club, even if it may be outside your comfort level.
  4. MAKE A BUCKET LIST AND/OR VISION BOARD. Place it somewhere you will see it multiple times a day. Don’t run from your goals; have them in picture form in front of you daily.
  5. MANIFEST THAT SHIT. Tell the universe you are 150 lbs (for example), believe it, use the vision board you made to help you see it, and watch it happen.

Start this new year off stress-free; don’t waste your time with unsuccessful resolutions. Instead, try one or all of the options above. Why not, it can’t be any worse than 92% of failed resolutions?!



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