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Avoid the Plateau

Did you know that your body is the smartest machine on the planet?! It’s almost too smart for its own good. The body is constantly adapting and changing based on the environment, the activities you are doing, etc to maintain and even state, called homeostasis. Homeostasis is your body’s desire to be even steven, for example keeping your temperature at about 98.6 degrees. This uncanny ability to adapt and stay constant is great for day to day living, but it is terrible when it comes to weight loss. Perhaps you have seen this yourself, you begin a workout program or start walking and you start to see progress. You lose weight, you get stronger, you feel better. Then, in time, you notice that all stops. Your body got used to what you were doing, adapted, and no longer had to work as hard to complete the activity you were doing. What that basically means is you no longer are burning more calories due to your physical activity.

So how do maintain the change?? Keep your bodies guessing, that’s how. Varying your workouts is the easiest way to do this. Constantly throw new exercises, activities, and types of workouts at it, and watch it change. Some easy EXAMPLES OF EXERCISE VARIATION are:

  1. Go faster
  2. Go longer
  3. Increase the intensity
  4. Change your exercise order
  5. Increase weight and decrease reps or
  6. Decrease weight and increase reps
  7. Workout at different times of the day
  8. Do cardio first, then weight or
  9. Do weights first, then cardio
  10. Take new classes
  11. Try new types of cardio

Try any one or all of these exercise variations, and watch your gains (or losses ) continue.


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